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...more about the play, SINGING THE BONES

"Absolutely brilliant - the best presentation this weekend!"

"Profound - drew on every emotion - this play strikes every cord of human experience and should be presented to a wide audience."

"Very meaningful experience - script and emotional imagery extremely appropriate and evocative - excellent professional performance."

"It was the most moving performance I've ever witnessed - excellent in every respect."

"Disturbing, thought provoking, mesmerising."


"Fabulous! Something in it for everyone! Very touching and moving!"


"A beautiful and powerful piece."

"I actually felt she was each person. I loved the opening phrase!

"Absolutely fantastic!"


"Enjoyed it very, very much!"

Audience comments from the production at
Douglas College, 1996
New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

"It is an intensely strong and moving play . . . will have the viewer laughing and crying. Caitlin Hicks is innovative and fun to watch!"

Pamela Hunt
The Farm, Summertown, TN

"Thank you very much for your stunning performance. I was moved over and over again to tears. . . laughter was a welcome wave of relief and release as another wave of reality washed over me . . . You helped me touch a very deep issue within myself relating to my mother (which) I thought I had completed.
Thank you for sharing your incredible gift. You touched us all.
With much appreciation,"

Marti Glen, Congress chair
Association for Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health
President, Santa Barbara Graduate Institute

"I saw your performance on opening night. Many days later, it stays with me. I was touched by every character and was so impressed by how effortless your transition from one character to the next seemed. I also know from personal birthing experiences how absolutely true to life their experiences were.
You are an extremely talented actor."

Cal Lorimer, Toronto

I can't wait to see a finished copy! (of the motion picture) I attended the play in Toronto and cried for joy and sorrow - definitely a 5+ kleenex rating!

Patricia Vanier, Toronto

I had the blessing of seeing you in"Singing The Bones" about two years ago at the MANA Conference in Seattle, Washington (State.) Anyway, your performance was WONDERFUL, and moved me to tears. I spoke to you briefly afterwards, as I had Grandparents who escaped the Nazi Regime and imigrated to the US...if you by chance ever put your performance of BONES on video, I would love the opportunity to purchase it...I have wished many times that I could watch it again, and share it w/my daughters, but I live in a fairly rural area, so the possibilities are slim. Thank you for such a wonderful performance/story!

Sincerely, Karla Messerschmidt-Morgan, Sequim, WA

Your play has been the talk of my circle. I gave an hour presentation (complete with accents) to my daughter-in-law, who is a midwife from Switzerland. You were really something! Thank you for that. You didn't leave a stone unturned.

When are you coming back to do Singing the Bones? Many more people want to see it. Let me know when the video comes out. I'll be sure to buy one.
Thanks again.

Raven , Santa Cruz, CA

I can't believe how time is flying! I have almost tied up all the loose ends
from Singing The Bones. I'll send you the clippings, etc, soon.

Thank you again for such an incredible performance!

Laura Maxson
Birth Network, Santa Cruz
2 Performances in Capitola, California, May 12th & 13th, 2000


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