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We're still hearing about Singing The Bones... the play

"I came to watch your stunning and absolutely riveting performance in Sheffield some time ago. I would love to let women have an opportunity to see (the film) in Scotland! "
Nadine Edwards - Edinburgh, Scotland

"I was deeply moved by your play Singing the Bones. I saw your performance at the Capitola Theater in California a year ago or maybe two by now. It has stayed with me as a work of art that captures and expresses the essence of midwifery and healing. Thank you for the work that you do."
Kristen Cates, San Francisco California


...about the play, SINGING THE BONES

"Striking Imagery, Powerful Performance!"
Grand Forks Gazette, The Kootenays, B.C. Canada

"Hicks explores the marvel of birth and the politics of midwifery with intelligence and a bold dramatic sense; a truly interactive and exciting performance."

The Times Colonist, Victoria, B.C. Canada

"Since the show I have had so much feedback from those who came -- all of it rapturous. . . many of us felt it was the most powerful and important play we had ever had the fortune to attend . . . The issues dealt with in "Singing the Bones" really need to be thought about and discussed in this country."

Sara Davies, host of Singing the Bones
Salford University, Manchester, England

"It has been a week since your amazing performance in Birmingham, and Jo and I have had loads of positive feedback. Images, characters and ideas from the play keep coming to mind. I think it's actually changed the quality of my mothering of Oliver -- that profound!"

Miriam Coley, host of Singing the Bones
Birmingham Women's Hospital, England

"An exceptional performance. . . unforgettable. We laughed, we cried, we
were reaffirmed as women, as mothers. . ."

Laura Goulet, Editor, Birthing Magazine

"I had the pleasure of being in the audience last week to see "Singing the Bones". . . I want to congratulate you on a wonderful play! I look forward to seeing it on Broadway!"

Barbara Katz Rothman, Professor of Sociology
Baruch College, New York

"Fantastic! The tears and laughter come easy."
Christel Aas, Norway

" Such a loving portrayal of three common, uncommon women. The first time a live theatre performance has made me cry! It remains the most powerful theater production I have ever experienced."
Rachael Myr, Norway

"Singing the Bones" ... was absolutely INCREDIBLE and one of the most moving performances I have ever been to! There really aren't the words to describe all the feelings and emotions that were brought up and aroused from (her) fabulous portrayal of those 3 beautiful & complex women. Thank you for. . . this piece which is so integral to human life, and of course a deep passion for all of us who are committed to working with childbearing women. The issues are so real and (the) presentation was so engaging..."

Sandy Salazay, Bellevue, Washington

"I saw "Singing the Bones" at the International Women Playwrights Conference in Galway. The reading was very moving and exciting."

Eugenie Trow, "Women In Theatre" project,
Antelope Valley College, Lancaster, California

"I was unprepared for how captivating this one-woman play was. I was quickly and completely absorbed. . . . Caitlin was brilliant as she moved from one identity to another. . . The play is an intense, eloquent exploration of ethical conflicts, of the influence of early life experiences on adults, of selfishness and selflessness, and of survival itself. The universal theme of birth is the connector that permeates and carries the play.

Penny Simkin, Childbirth Educator, Lecturer, and author of
Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn: The Complete Guide

"Dear Caitlin, I've received your reviews! The critics are fantastic and I absolutely agree with them! Your show was powerful."

Anne Barfoed, Denmark
audience at 1997 Stockholm production of "Singing the Bones"




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