10 plus 10 special offer

To celebrate the l0th birthday of the film's premiere (August, 2001), the filmmakers of Singing The Bones have created 10 plus 10, a special offer to screen the film as part of the 10th year of its completion. To assist hosts in participating, filmmakers are asking only $10 plus 10% of income at the door for any screening. This will encourage individuals to organize a local screening, with a very minimal cost outlay for the film itself.

To qualify you must gather an audience of a minimum of 20 people for a screening. Once a date is set, we would like to see a digital copy of your promotional materials. At the screening you also agree to send photos of your audience and venue for our blog, www.singingthebones.blogspot.com

At the Mill Valley International Film Festival, where the film screened in 2001, in the wake of 9/11, Singing The Bones opened to sold out audiences, who found the film stimulating, challenging and comforting at the same time and stayed until closing to discuss the film.

Singing The Bones is as relevant and compelling as it was in 2001. Audiences in England, Canada, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and the United States enthusiastically embraced this universal story over and over again:

"Powerful new film. . . . complex, emotional and artistically challenging. . . A tour de force for Hicks." John Griffin --The Montreal Gazette.

"The best film I have seen in a long time. It is deep, it is honest, it is unpretentious and beautifully conceived. Thanks to the filmmakers and Caitlin's mind-blowing performance. The beauty and honesty of this masterpiece of a film should be made available to all. This film is true HEALING." Ingrid Lewis, Doula in UK

Singing The Bones was first produced as a play by Caitlin Hicks in Sechelt at The Rockwood Centre in 1992, and published by Playwrights Union of Canada in 1997. Three monologues from the play were published in the New York publication, The Best Women's Stage Monologues of 1997 Smith & Kraus. You can purchase a downloadable copy of the original play at www.smashwords.com/books/view/48770


Sara Davies, producer of the theatrical production at Salford University , Midlands, UK, wrote: "...many of us felt it was the most powerful and important play we had ever had the fortune to attend...The issues dealt with in Singing The Bones really need to be though about and discussed in this country."

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