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Caitlin Hicks and Gordon Halloran - Producers

Caitlin Hicks and Gord Halloran are co-producers of Singing the Bones, the feature- length motion picture. Caitlin Hicks also stars in the drama, a role which she brought to life on tour in the past five years to over 35 cities in Canada, the U.S. England and Sweden. Hicks wrote the play; Halloran adapted it to the screen and performed the multiple roles of director, editor and production designer. Hicks & Halloran have worked together in various complimentary & creative roles supporting each others work for the past eighteen years. Their collaboration in Singing the Bones is part of a continuum of their creative life together.

Caitlin Hicks is a playwright and performer who has worn a variety of professional hats since graduating Cum Laude from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California in the mid-seventies.

"My life and work have been profoundly affected by the central circumstance of my existence: I was born into a very large Catholic family. My first play SIX PALM TREES, co-written and directed by Gord Halloran, was inspired by this experience". SIX PALM TREES has been extensively performed in Canada and the U.S. since 1985, to excellent reviews, and was translated into French in 1993. SIX PALM TREES was read at the Third International Women Playwrights Conference in Adelaide, Australia, one of 16 chosen from over 300 submitted from around the world.

Since 1994, Hicks and Halloran have toured Singing the Bones to the U.S., Canada, Sweden and England  -- to standing ovations. The play was chosen to be read at the Fourth International Women Playwrights Conference in Galway, Ireland in 1997. Another of Hicks' plays, JUST A LITTLE FEVER, was chosen to be staged at the Fifth International Women Playwrights Conference in Athens, Greece, 2000.

Hicks' experience as Manager of Advertising and Promotion at NBC's San Francisco radio station, is the basis of a media-saavy promotional literacy. Since then, together with Halloran, she has designed and produced numerous campaigns for theatrical productions, including posters, flyers, radio and television ads. She was Marketing Director for Commissioned Works, responsible for the sales of Halloran's commissioned work in financial markets in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Vancouver, Toronto and London.

Hicks' work as a writer includes anthology, print and radio credits in Canada and the United States with fiction, non-fiction and opinion pieces. As a graduate student at San Francisco State University, Hicks created a 13 minute, 16mm film, Maman! Maman!


Don Thompson - Co-Producer

Don Thompson has a diverse 15 year background as a playwright, film director, producer and software developer. As a playwright, he was known through the 1980's and 90's for his socially-relevant plays, TIBET DOES NOT EXIST and L.A. BOOK OF THE DEAD. His first feature film, CLOUDS, was completed in 1999, and after a successful festival tour received awards and special recognition at 6 U.S. and International Film Festivals. CLOUDS garnered a theatrical distribution deal with IN Pictures in 2000 and is currently available on video.

Don co-founded nextPix in 2000 with the goal of creating both a production company and a software company that serves the media/film community. Now moving into its 3rd year, nextPix continues to expand its website and partnerships, develop and produce feature film projects, and provide both on-line and off-line resources for independent filmmakers.


Arlene Rimer, Associate & Consulting Producer

Arlene Rimer is a producer, director, writer, entertainment lawyer and mediator. She has been practising law in British Columbia  since 1981 with her own law firm, Rimer & Co. As President of Reelstar Productions Inc., Arlene has produced a pilot for Life Television Network for a 13-part series called Urban Nation.  She is currently producing the 26-part series My Biggest Challenge, the 1/2 hour drama,The Quirk, and the 1 hour drama ,Topoli.  Other projects in development: The World According to Keith (Bravo) and Box of Freedom (CTV), and Geoff Corness and Kate Hammett-Vaughn, four one-hour documentaries. Rimer worked as executive producer on the features Batboy and The Wild McLeans. She has also written, directed and produced a documentary on kids' inventions which aired on the Discovery Channel.

An avid film buff, Arlene has taken numerous courses at the Vancouver Film School, University of British Columbia, Actors Workshop, Vancouver Vocational Institute, Manitoba Theatre School, British Columbia Motion Picture Association, and the Trade Forum at the Vancouver International Film Festival. She has a B.A. and a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Manitoba. She is a member of the Canadian Bar Association, the Law Society of British Columbia, the British Columbia Motion Picture Association, and Women in Film and Video Vancouver where she is on the Board of Directors.


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