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a new feature film by halloran and hicks



Caitlin Hicks as Nicole, Sara, Meg

Playwright and performer Caitlin Hicks stars as all three pivotal characters in Singing The Bones, roles she brought to life on tour in the past five years to over 35 cities in Canada, the U.S. England and Sweden -- to standing ovations.

Hicks' work in theatre, television and film in San Francisco, New York, Toronto and Vancouver has included roles as diverse as Nina in The Seagull, Gwendolyn in the musical of Oscar Wilde's Importance of Being Earnest, Gammer Gurton in the oldest English comedy, Gammer Gurton's Needle, Nancy Reagan in off-Broadway A Bonzo Christmas Carol. In Toronto, Hicks played Sylvia Plath in the Canadian premiere of Letters Home, Fefu in Maria Irene Fornes' Fefu & Her Friends, Annie Shea in Six Palm Trees, Dorothy in Just A Little Fever. Hicks has performed at the National Arts Center Atelier in Ottawa and the Festival des Ameriques Cabaret in Montreal.

In film and television, credits range from a Stephen King's movie of the week, IT to guest starring with Mickey Rooney in the local tv series The Black Stallion.

Radio credits include Stories for a Winter Solstice on CBC's Morningside ('96), Almanac ('94 & '95) Afternoon Show ('94) and A Woman's Body and One of those Days for Commentary ('95).

Brenda Menard as Brenda

Brenda Menard is a Chippewa Cree Metis who hails from Turtle Mountain North Dakota. "In First Nations experience, twins have spiritual significance, and because of the sacredness of the story, (of Singing The Bones), I did feel it so much inside. I was honored to step into her moccasins for that period of time." Brenda has three children, all born naturally in hospital, "in spite of efforts by nurses to give me drugs". Brenda lives on the Sunshine Coast. 

Ed White as Doctor Reichmann, Rumkowski, Meg's Father

In his capacity as minister for the United Church, Ed White preahced without notes for 18 of his 27 years in the ministry. He wrote single peson monologues periodically, acting these out instead of the usual sermon. His interest in theatre stretches back to his studies at UBC, where he took an elective theatre course taught by Dorothy Somerset. On the Sunshine Coast, Ed White has played in many local theatre productions: Fiddler on the Roof, HMS Pinafore, The Music Man, Arsenic and Old Lace, The Parson's Predicament, Harvey and others.


in order of appearance:

Nicole's twin daughter . . . Casmira Thompson

Meg, the midwife . . . .Caitlin Hicks

The real Nicole . . . Joanne Frechette

Sargent's Bay Beach:

Mary Degan, Jr. & Michael Warlaw

Joanne Frechette & Xavier Sotos

Johanne Baril & Scott Avery
with Genoa Avery and Izzy Goodwin

Melissa Di Pietro & Raul Gonzalez
with Raven Bear Di Pietro and
Jasmine Di Pietro

Petra Pruiksma & Serge Grenier
with Stephanie Grenier

Charon & Frank O'Brien
with Dominique O'Brien and Kevan O'Brien

Single Pregnant Mum: Linda Wright

Nicole's twin son. . . . Gabe Gibb

Fiddler: James Law

Little boy with buzz cut: Anthony Fast

Nicole, the mother. . . . . . Caitlin Hicks

Young Sara in Meg's dream . . . .
Nadeen Stubbs

Sara's little sister in Meg's dream . . . .
Sullivan Messner

Children waiting at the ferry terminal:

Hanna and Philip Klippenstein

Nikita and Jillian McPhee-Cytko

Rowan McCloud

Teal Hayden

Taja Rivera

Julieah & Daniel Gabriel

Jennifer Stubbs

Liam Gibb

Dream sequence:

Rumkowski . . . . . . Ed White

Brenda's Story:

Brenda, the Native woman. . . . . .
Brenda Menard

The Woman Who Overlooks the Village and Sits on the Hill . . . Kirsten Joe

Meg's father . . . .Ed White

Hospital tennis scene:

Nurse dragging Nicole on gurney . . .
Margaret Guzzi

Tennis playing Surgeon . . . Gary Kent

Tennis playing surgeon . . . Edna Naylor

Surgeon examining Nicole . . . . Margaret Guzzi

Nurse. . . Donna Schmirler

Nurse. . . .Ann Law

Nurse . . . Stacia Leach

Surgeon eating popcorn . . . Patricia Manly

Orderly . . . Charles Hogan

Surgeon juggling . . . Jacques Boisvert

Nurse in dark glasses . . . Tayjah Xaveriss

Nurse . . . Bronwen Besso-Smith

Blonde baby boy . . . . Max Clemens

Mother of blonde baby boy . . . . Laila Ferreira

Labouring Mum in hospital . . . .
Angela Frankson

Sara Bienemann, obstetrician . . . . . .
Caitlin Hicks

Michalina, Nicole's pretend daughter folding diapers. . . . . Michalina Hunter

Sara's Mother . . . . Laura Nelson

Sara's baby sister, Hanna . . . . .
Shannon Nelson


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