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Singing The Bones screens in Calgary : Halloran Shortlisted for Shavick Award
nextPix selects Singing The Bones as first "FirstPix"

nextPix Selects SINGING THE BONES as 1st "FirstPix" Project

[December 1, 2000, New York City] nextPix, a New York City-based producer of digital media content and software, announced today that it has selected its first project under its "firstPix" program to help fund new directors working in the world of digital video. The film selected is Gordon Halloran's feature film debut, SINGING THE BONES, based on the acclaimed play of the same name. BONES has toured internationally and received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike.

SINGING THE BONES stars Caitlin Hicks (IT, THE BLACK STALLION) as she takes her virtuoso stage performance to the screen. Critics have described the play as "brilliant, moving and very powerful,"and "a rich combination of the historical and the contemporary, the personal and the political, the particular and the universal." For five years BONES has toured throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Excerpts of the play were selected and published by Smith & Kraus, New York, in the annual "The Best Women&s Stage Monologues." Screenplay for the feature-length motion picture was written by Gord Halloran.

nextPix CEO Don Thompson states, "We believe in this film and feel it has great potential. Caitlin and Gordon are a fantastic creative team. Caitlin is an incredibly versatile actress and a gifted writer, and Gordon has a keen visual sensibility."

In the deal, nextPix will provide Halloran with some post-production funds to help ready the film for the festival circuit and eventual acquisition. Halloran, a well-known Canadian artist who has received high profile commissions throughout Canada, the U.S. and Europe, is excited about the relationship, stating: "I think the nextPix relationship will help us to first and foremost finish the film, as well as some experience to help us wade through the process of finding the right film festivals and eventually the right distributor."

In the film, three characters (mother, midwife and obstetrician; all portrayed by Hicks) are linked by a mysterious twin pregnancy which unravels the secrets of their lives. Controversial, thought provoking and inspirational, SINGING THE BONES weaves childhood trauma, the scars of war and the mystery of birth into a rich tapestry of transformation and redemption.

The film features an unusual twist on narrative and documentary styles: the midwife tells the story and becomes each character.

nextPix is also involved as a co-producer to a series of films by award- winning director Rob Nilsson (HEAT AND SUNLIGHT, NORTHERN LIGHTS, CHALK). nextPix will provide production consulting and funding to Nilsson as he shoots three of the nine films in his "Nine at Night" film series. CHALK, the first film in the series, was recently distributed theatrically and received wide critical acclaim. Rob also premiered 3 films at the Mill Valley Film festival, where he was the subject of a tribute.

For more information about nextPix or the firstPix program, please visit the company's website at www.nextPix.com




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