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Every morning on the cavernous floor of the wild west's Intercontinental Commodities Exchange, three thousand men and a handful of women gather to risk their personal fortunes in one of the world's most volatile commodities markets. Seven to eight hundred traders jam like canned sardines into a pit no larger than your average Starbucks cafe. The wrestle arm to arm, back to back, and head to head for a chance to flip oil, cattle, and gold contracts amidst a frenzy of screams shouted at random around a stadium-sized floor.

SHOWING SIZE takes us inside the glass and concrete offices, through the members-only turnstiles, past the gold vaults, the trading pits and the maverick cowboy brokers to learn what it takes to make and lose millions in seconds. We follow loyalties strained beyond recognition as fortunes are won and lost. We enter the killing floor: a brutal financial world shaped by multi-colored jackets, security badges, wild ties and massive doses of testosterone. A trading floor where fraud, mercurial success, and catastrophic failure routinely combine to destroy some of the most flamboyant and powerful men ever to trade Open Out-Cry in North America.

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