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Mr. Halloran has drawn and painted portraits of traders at North America's greatest Exchanges. These paintings and drawings catch traders at their most dramatic -- in the heat of trading.

Halloran has the rare ability to capture in dynamic portraits, the individual likenesses of people in large groups. He combines his skill and craftsmanship as a painter to create realistic, life-like paintings, drawings and limited edition prints of historic locations and events. The artist's track record of over thirty successfully commissioned works in seven major financial markets in North America and England has established him as a preeminent artist of large group commissions in financial markets. Halloran's paintings, drawings and prints have grown in value over the years because of the detailed quality of his work, his ability to capture real people in exciting portraits, his sense of design and color, and the historic nature of the work.

THE FINANCIAL MARKET SERIES was begun with Trading and Lights Out. Both were commissioned on the occasion of the closing of the old building of the Vancouver Stock Exchange by trader John Woods in 1981. This began Halloran's in depth study of individuals in the competitive situation of financial trading. In each painting or drawing, many faces are portrayed with a realism that is lifelike and active, individual and unique, set against the hectic, hand-to-hand combat of Open Outcry trading. In San Francisco, a pencil drawing called Pacific Options marked the 100th anniversary of the Pacific Stock Exchange. T.S.E, and Record Finish commemorate traders and a way of life in the old building of The Toronto Stock Exchange at 234 Bay Street. The oil pit at the New York Mercantile Exchange is depicted in a watercolor painting called NYMEX, circa 1985.

SHOWING SIZE Halloran's largest work to date, includes masterful, lifelike portraits of over 200 traders in the largest trading pit in the world, The Treasury Bond Pit at The Chicago Board of Trade. The work in acrylic measures 15 feet by 3 feet and was completed in July, 1986 and captures for the record this volatile industry's greatest characters. Fine art prints of Showing Size are displayed in two panels in the Visitor's Gallery at The Board of Trade.

THE MERCANTILE WORKS consist of fourteen paintings and historic drawings of the traders who drove the bull markets at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange during the mid-eighties. A full collection of The Mercantile Works is displayed in the board room hallway at the Merc.

THE LIFFE DRAWINGS are a series of eight commissions at London's International Financial Futures Exchange, created between 1998 and 2000. The Experience of LIFFE, 1982-1999 was commissioned by Alan Dickenson to celebrate career traders and key management personnel from LIFFE'S beginnings and features 75 portraits.

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